Arri Priimägi

Contingent Worker
Contingent Worker
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Soft Matter and Wetting, Visitor (Faculty)


Light-Fueled Nonreciprocal Self-Oscillators for Fluidic Transportation and Coupling

Zixuan Deng, Hang Zhang, Arri Priimagi, Hao Zeng 2023 Advanced Materials

Optically Controlled Construction of Three-Dimensional Protein Arrays

Qing Liu, Yu Zhou, Ahmed Shaukat, Zhuojun Meng, Daniella Kyllönen, Iris Seitz, Daniel Langerreiter, Kim Kuntze, Arri Priimagi, Lifei Zheng, Mauri A. Kostiainen 2023 Angewandte Chemie - International Edition

Semi-Crystalline Rubber as a Light-Responsive, Programmable, Resilient Robotic Material

Qi Yang, Hamed Shahsavan, Zixuan Deng, Hongshuang Guo, Hang Zhang, Heng Liu, Chunyu Zhang, Arri Priimagi, Xuequan Zhang, Hao Zeng 2022 Advanced Functional Materials

Feedback-controlled hydrogels with homeostatic oscillations and dissipative signal transduction

Hang Zhang, Hao Zeng, Amanda Eklund, Hongshuang Guo, Arri Priimagi, Olli Ikkala 2022 Nature Nanotechnology

Multiscale Hierarchical Surface Patterns by Coupling Optical Patterning and Thermal Shrinkage

Hamidreza Daghigh Shirazi, Yujiao Dong, Jukka Niskanen, Chiara Fedele, Arri Priimagi, Ville P. Jokinen, Jaana Vapaavuori 2021 ACS applied materials & interfaces

Fast Switching of Bright Whiteness in Channeled Hydrogel Networks

Amanda Eklund, Hang Zhang, Hao Zeng, Arri Priimagi, Olli Ikkala 2020 Advanced Functional Materials

All-Optical Emission Control and Lasing in Plasmonic Lattices

Jani Taskinen, Antti Moilanen, Heikki Rekola, Kim Kuntze, Arri Priimagi, Päivi Törmä, Tommi Hakala 2020 ACS Photonics

Effect of hydrogen-bond strength on photoresponsive properties of polymer-azobenzene complexes

Jaana Vapaavuori, Jenni E. Koskela, Xiaoxiao Wang, Robin H.A. Ras, Arri Priimagi, C. Geraldine Bazuin, Christian Pellerin 2020 Canadian Journal of Chemistry

A bifacial colour-tunable system via combination of a cholesteric liquid crystal network and hydrogel

Owies M. Wani, Albertus P. H. J. Schenning, Arri Priimagi 2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry C

Associative Learning by Classical Conditioning in Liquid Crystal Network Actuators

Hao Zeng, Hang Zhang, Olli Ikkala, Arri Priimagi 2020 Matter