Antti Salovaara

Senior University Lecturer
Senior University Lecturer
A803 Dept. Design

I am interested in creativity in knowledge work and the role of ICT use in those processes. Humans are creative tool users and able to discover novel solutions for practical problems in their work and everyday life tasks. This creative potential remains however scientifically weakly understood.
My background is in human-computer interaction (HCI) and cognitive science. I study repurposive appropriation - the processes by which users discover new purposes of use for technology. This research includes both quantitative and qualitative methods, and particularly field trials on technology prototypes.
In my previous research, I have investigated creativity in knowledge work contexts. This research involved both individual-level studies on creative cognitive processes as well as development of new models and theories for understanding the organizational factors that may hinder or facilitate creativity in information systems use.

I am a PhD from Cognitive Science (University of Helsinki, November 2012).

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Human-computer interaction


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