Andrea Ferrantelli

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
T212 Mechanical Engineering
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Heat Transfer, Mathematical modeling, Theoretical physics, Energy and building, Sustainable Consumption, Optimization, Theoretical Models


  • Energy Conversion and Systems, Assistant Professor


Wax actuator’s empirical model development and application to underfloor heating control with varying complexity of controller modelling detail

Tuule Mall Parts, Andrea Ferrantelli, Hendrik Naar, Martin Thalfeldt, Jarek Kurnitski 2023 JOURNAL OF BUILDING PERFORMANCE SIMULATION

Benchmarking the measured energy use of Nordic residential buildings and their Zero Energy-readiness

Andrea Ferrantelli, Martin Thalfeldt, Jarek Kurnitski 2022 Proceedings CLIMA2022 : 14th REHVA World Congress, 22-25 May 2022, Rotterdam

Evaluating the energy readiness of national building stocks through benchmarking

Andrea Ferrantelli, Juri Belikov, Eduard Petlenkov, Martin Thalfeldt, Jarek Kurnitski 2022 IEEE Access

Energy analysis in ice hockey arenas and analytical formula for the temperature profile in the ice pad with transient boundary conditions

Andrea Ferrantelli, Klaus Viljanen, Jarek Kurnitski 2021 Advances in Building Energy Research

Impact of internal heat gain profiles on the design cooling capacity of landscaped offices

Seyed Shahabaldin Seyed Salehi, Andrea Ferrantelli, Hans Kristjan Aljas, Jarek Kurnitski, Martin Thalfeldt 2021 E3S Web of Conferences

Building performance indicators and IEQ assessment procedure for the next generation of EPC-s

Karl Villem Võsa, Andrea Ferrantelli, Dragomir Tzanev, Kamen Simeonov, Pablo Carnero, Carlos Espigares, Miriam Navarro Escudero, Pedro Vicente Quiles, Thibault Andrieu, Florian Battezzati, Katia Cordeiro, Francis Allard, Zoltan Magyar, Giusy Turturiello, Luca Alberto Piterà, Simona D'Oca, Eric Willems, Peter Veld Op 'T, Andrei Vladimir Litiu, Cǎtǎlin Lungu, Tiberiu Catalina, Jarek Kurnitski 2021 E3S Web of Conferences

A tabulated sizing method for the early stage design of geothermal energy piles including thermal storage

Andrea Ferrantelli, Jevgeni Fadejev, Jarek Kurnitski 2020 Energy and Buildings