Alexandru Paler

Alexandru Paler

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
T313 Dept. Computer Science

Researching the design and implementation of quantum software for compiling and optimising quantum circuits, for actively applying quantum error correction methods, and for quantum circuit simulation.

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Konemiehentie 2 02150 Espoo Finland


quantum computing, quantum software


  • Computer Science - Quantum Software and Algorithms (QUANTUM), Assistant Professor
  • Professorship Paler Alexandru, Assistant Professor
  • Computer Science Professors, Assistant Professor
  • Computer Science - Algorithms and Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), Assistant Professor


Queuing Theory Models for (Fault-Tolerant) Quantum Circuits: Analysis and Optimization

Robert Basmadjian, Alexandru Paler 2024 Quantum Computing

Transversal injection for direct encoding of ancilla states for non-Clifford gates using stabilizer codes

Jason Gavriel, Daniel Herr, Alexis Shaw, Michael J. Bremner, Alexandru Paler, Simon J. Devitt 2023 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Transversal Injection: Using the Surface Code to Prepare Non-Pauli Eigenstates

Jason Gavriel, Daniel Herr, Alexis Shaw, Michael J. Bremner, Alexandru Paler, Simon J. Devitt 2023 2023 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE)

Machine Learning Optimization of Quantum Circuit Layouts

Alexandru Paler, Lucian Sasu, Adrian-Catalin Florea, Razvan Andonie 2023 ACM Transactions on Quantum Computing

Pipelined correlated minimum weight perfect matching of the surface code

Alexandru Paler, Austin G. Fowler 2023 Quantum

Logical and Physical Reversibility of Conservative Skyrmion Logic

Xuan Hu, Benjamin W. Walker, Felipe Garcia-Sanchez, Alexander Edwards, Peng Zhou, Jean Anne C. Incorvia, Alexandru Paler, Michael P. Frank, Joseph S. Friedman 2022 IEEE Magnetics Letters

Halving the width of Toffoli-based constant modular addition to n+3 qubits

Oumarou Oumarou, Alexandru Paler, Robert Basmadjian 2022 Physical Review A

Energy Cost of Quantum Circuit Optimisation: Predicting That Optimising Shor’s Algorithm Circuit Uses 1 GWh

Alexandru Paler, Robert Basmadjian 2022 ACM Transactions on Quantum Computing

On the realistic worst case analysis of quantum arithmetic circuits

Alexandru Paler, Oumarou Oumarou, Robert Basmadjian 2022 IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering

Quantum Fourier addition simplified to Toffoli addition

Alexandru Paler 2022 Physical Review A