Aleksi Rinta-Paavola

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T214 Civil Engineering
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Student prize: MSc thesis award of Oskari Vilamo –fund

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Civil Engineering Jan 2019

Student prize: Master's thesis award of Nordic Fire and Safety Days 2018

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Civil Engineering Jun 2018


  • Performance in Building Design and Construction, Doctoral Researcher


A model for the pyrolysis of two Nordic structural timbers

Aleksi Rinta-Paavola, Simo Hostikka 2022

Elastic Modulus, Thermal Expansion, and Pyrolysis Shrinkage of Norway Spruce Under High Temperature

Tito Adibaskoro, Michalina Makowska, Aleksi Rinta-Paavola, Stefania Fortino, Simo Hostikka 2021

Multiphysics Modelling of Stone Wool Fire Resistance

Deepak Paudel, Aleksi Rinta-Paavola, Hannu Petteri Mattila, Simo Hostikka 2021

Multiphysics modelling of stone wool fire resistance test

Deepak Paudel, Aleksi Rinta-Paavola, Hannu-Petteri Mattila, Simo Hostikka 2021

A Numerical and Experimental Methodology to Investigate Morphological Changes in Wood Exposed to Fire Temperatures

Stefania Fortino, Aleksi Rinta-Paavola, Robert Pecenko, Thomas Hozjan, Antti Paajanen, Jukka Vaari, Simo Hostikka 2019

A Model for Pyrolysis and Oxidation of Two Common Structural Timbers

Aleksi Rinta-Paavola, Simo Hostikka 2019 Proceedings of the I Forum Wood Building Baltic, 2019