Ahmad Shahahmadi

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Elucidating the Effects of Interconnecting Layer Thickness and Bandgap Variations on the Performance of Monolithic Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cell by wxAMPS

Ili Salwani Mohamad, Camellia Doroody, Wabel Mohammed Alkharasani, Mohd Natashah Norizan, Puvaneswaran Chelvanathan, Seyed Ahmad Shahahmadi, Nowshad Amin 2023 Materials

Back-Contacted GaInP/GaAs LED Structures by Ex-Situ Dopant Redistribution

Antti Myllynen, Seyed Ahmad Shahahmadi, Ivan Radevici, Jani Oksanen 2023 IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

A Comparative Study on p- and n-Type Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells by AFORS-HET

Wabelmohammed Alkharasani, Nowshad Amin, Seyedahmad Shahahmadi, Ammarahmed Alkahtani, Ilisalwani Bintimohamad, Puvaneswaran Chelvanathan, Tiongsieh Kiong 2022 Materials