Abinab Niraula

Doctoral Researcher
T212 Mechanical Engineering
Full researcher profile
Otakaari 4 02150 Espoo Finland


Fatigue, Welded structures, notch geometry, undercut, 3D geometry


  • Marine and Arctic Technology, Doctoral Researcher


Shape characterization and impact on the structural behavior of initially distorted, 4-mm thick ship-deck stiffened panels

Federica Mancini, Heikki Remes, Jani Romanoff, Pauli Lehto, Matti Rautiainen, Abinab Niraula, Ari Niemelä 2023 Advances in the analysis and design of marine structures

Influence of weld-induced distortions on the stress magnification factor of a thin laser-hybrid welded ship deck panel

A. Niraula, Matti Rautiainen, Ari Niemelä, Ingrit Lillemäe-Avi, H. Remes 2019 Trends in the Analysis and Design of Marine Structures

Effect of zonal hydraulics on energy consumption and boom structure of a micro-excavator

Abinab Niraula, Shuzhong Zhang, Tatiana Minav, Matti Pietola 2018