Form Follows Friction -exhibition

Visioner om framtida Vikstranden, Magisterprogrammet i arkitektur elevarbeten
sketch of a city shoreline in yellow with buildings and boats
Poster by Yu Zhang and Yuayang Shi

Industrial Inhabited & Resilient Diversity
The Functionalist City separated living, work, production and leisure; the city of today brings them back together - mixing and hybridization are explored as means towards a resilient urban living environment, where the simultaneity of different programmes can open up new possibilities for the creation of environments of new architectural and spatial qualities.

During the Fall of 2019, the studios of Urban Design and Housing Design collaborated on a site in Viikinranta - a location close to a natural sanctuary, with light industry, low-density residential development and a future node of a tramline. The joint venture between the studios gave the students an opportunity to explore the dynamics between the choices made at the level of land use and at the level of building design.

Visions for a future Viikinranta, Master's Programme in Architecture student projects, Aalto University Department of Architecture 

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