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Harald Herlin -oppimiskeskuksen näyttelytilat

Harald Herlin -oppimiskeskuksen näyttelytilat Pääaula, Lämpiö ja Tori ovat näyttelyille, työpajoille, seminaareille ja performansseille tarkoitettuja alueita.

Exhibitions 2019-2020


Past Exhibitions

29.01-28.02.2020 // Nokia Phone Archive Exhibition (VRC & Lobby)

18.02-03.03.2020 // Miten muotoilemme toisillemme - BA design course exhibition (Lobby)

07.01-24.01.2020 // Aalto University Magazines (Lobby) 

10.01-24.01.2020// Painting Course exhibition by Tuomo Saali (Foyer)

31.10.2019-10.01.2020// Burning Imaginations (VRC)

02-12.12.2019// `Interspecies Liminalities` exhibition (Lobby & Foyer) 

25.10-08.11.2019 // Textile Today Summit (Lobby)

18.10-23.10.2019// UWAS course exhibition`Under Pressure` 

04.09-26.09.2019 // Chemartsing with Bio-based Materials  as part of Helsinki Design Week (Lobby) 

08.07-30.08.2019 // Mexico Project Exhibition by Water Research Unit (Lobby)

17.06-04.08.2019 // Blast from the Past (Foyer) 

28.5-05.6. 2019// Artistic Expression Course Exhibition (Lobby, Foyer)

6-27.5.2019 // Cut Outs & Rituals (Reading Room, 2nd Floor)

10–19.4.2019 // Nature of Process (Lobby)

8–26.4.2019 // Material Research Exhibition (Foyer)

27.3–3.4.2019 // Explore.Adapt.Overcome (Lobby)

15-28.3.2019 // Occupy Earth (Foyer)

14.2.-8.3.2019 // Exploring Narratives, VCD (Lobby)

24.1.-7.2.2019 // Home off….(Lobby)

Designs for a Cooler Planet 2020: Hack our habitat

07.09-30.09.2020 // 'Articulated landscapes: Sustainable future cities between architecture and landscape' exhibition organised by Pia Fricker // Designs for a Cooler Planet 2020, Helsinki Design Week


01.10-01.12.2020 //'Articulated landscapes: Sustainable future cities between architecture and landscape' exhibition organised by Pia Fricker

About the Gallery spaces

Lobby is the first space you get to when entering the Learning Centre. Its interiors are Alvar Aalto’s legacy, but after renovation the space has been customized to serve as an exhibition venue.

In Finnish, Tori means a public square, a meeting place, or an open space. It hosts a learning hub, Visual Resources Centre, a café and a nine-meter media wall with eight screens. The Media Wall serves as a channel for HHLC and university communications, and as a space for media works exhibitions.

Foyer is a gallery space in the library's 2nd floor, that can be used to exhibit objects, drawings, textiles, posters, as well as all kinds of course works. 


Guidelines for exhibitions


Curator Edel O Reilly ([email protected])

Harald Herlin -oppimiskeskus
Past Exhibitions in Review: 2016-2018

Aallon galleriat ja näyttelytilat

Miten saadaan tilaa odottamattomille tavoille tarkastella maailmaa? Galleriat ja näyttelytilat ovat yhdessä toteutettuja toimintatiloja, joihin kootaan eri tekijöiden tietämystä, sisältöä, visioita ja intohimoa.

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Aalto betaspace, an exhibition venue for students at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture / photo by Julia Weckman.
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