Nilusha Jayawickrama

Nilusha Jayawickrama

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T212 Mechanical Engineering
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As a researcher in the School of Engineering's Department of Mechanical Engineering, I am a part of the Mechatronics group and currently pursuing the Doctoral Programme in Engineering.

My primary research focus is on intelligent transport systems, where I explore topics related to machine vision, deep learning (CNNs) and prediction models, and autonomous driving.

In addition to my research, I serve as a course assistant for Vehicle Mechatronics: Control and supervise thesis projects for bachelor and master's students.

I am available for consultations and collaborations on research areas including perception in autonomous driving, in-vehicle trash detection, VRU and vehicle detection in harsh weather conditions, scene-flow analysis, object-centric learning, remote (Triton) computing, and ROS-based control.

Otakaari 4 02150 Espoo Finland


  • Mechatronics, Doctoral Researcher


Architecture for determining the cleanliness in shared vehicles using an integrated machine vision and indoor air quality-monitoring system

Nilusha Jayawickrama, Enric Perarnau Ollé, Jesse Pirhonen, Risto Ojala, Klaus Kivekäs, Jari Vepsäläinen, Kari Tammi 2023

Classification of Trash and Valuables with Machine Vision in Shared Cars

Nilusha Jayawickrama, Risto Ojala, Jesse Pirhonen, Klaus Kivekas, Kari Tammi 2022

Ultra-Wideband Localization for Crane-Robot Cooperation

Alexander Schüßler, David Wargh, Wanfu Zheng, Olli Laasonen, Nilusha Jayawickrama, Panu Kiviluoma, Petri Kuosmanen 2021 Proceedings of the 6th Baltic Mechatronics Symposium