Maksym Tokariev

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
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A protocol for the analysis of DTI data collected from young children

Maksym Tokariev, Virve Vuontela, Jaana Perkola, Piia Lönnberg, Aulikki Lano, Sture Andersson, Marjo Metsäranta, Synnöve Carlson 2020 MethodsX

Altered working memory-related brain responses and white matter microstructure in extremely preterm-born children at school age

Maksym Tokariev, Virve Vuontela, Piia Lönnberg, Aulikki Lano, Jaana Perkola, Elina Wolford, Sture Andersson, Marjo Metsäranta, Synnöve Carlson 2019 Brain and Cognition

Functional connectivity of intrinsic cognitive networks during resting state and task performance in preadolescent children

Ping Jiang, Virve Vuontela, Maksym Tokariev, Hai Lin, Eeva T. Aronen, Yuan Ye Ma, Synnöve Carlson 2018 PloS one

Reading, listening and memory-related brain activity in children with early-stage temporal lobe epilepsy of unknown cause-an fMRI study

Katariina Mankinen, Pieta Ipatti, Marika Harila, Juha Nikkinen, Jyri-Johan Paakki, Seppo Rytky, Tuomo Starck, Jukka Remes, Maksym Tokariev, Synnove Carlson, Osmo Tervonen, Heikki Rantala, Vesa Kiviniemi 2015 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PAEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY

Responsiveness and functional connectivity of the scene-sensitive retrosplenial complex in 7-11-year-old children

Ping Jiang, Maksym Tokariev, Eeva T. Aronen, Oili Salonen, Yuan Y. Ma, Virve Vuontela, Leena Carlson 2014 Brain and Cognition

Regulation of brain activity in the fusiform face and parahippocampal place areas in 7-11-year-old children

Virve Vuontela, Ping Jiang, Maksym Tokariev, Petri Savolainen, YuanYe Mac, Eeva T. Aronen, Tuija Fontell, Tiina Liiri, Matti Ahlström, Oili Salonen, Synnöve Carlson 2013 Brain and Cognition