Harri Piitulainen

Contingent Worker
Contingent Worker
T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
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Magnetoencephalography or MEG, Brain imaging, Motor action, Biomechanics, Electromyography, Motion Tracking, Proprioception


ISACM 2013 (Internation Society Advancement of Clinical Magnetoencephalography) Poster Award International Society for the Advancement of Clinical MEG (ISACM), Japan

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering Jan 2013


Altered excitation-inhibition balance in the primary sensorimotor cortex to proprioceptive hand stimulation in cerebral palsy

Mia Illman, Julia Jaatela, Jaakko Vallinoja, Timo Nurmi, Helena Mäenpää, Harri Piitulainen 2024

Effects of the EXECP Intervention on Motor Function, Muscle Strength and Joint Flexibility in Individuals with Cerebral Palsy

Pedro Valadão, Francesco Cenni, Harri Piitulainen, Janne Avela, Taija Finni 2024

Functional connectivity of sensorimotor network is enhanced in spastic diplegic cerebral palsy : A multimodal study using fMRI and MEG

Jaakko Vallinoja, Timo Nurmi, Julia Jaatela, Vincent Wens, Mathieu Bourguignon, Helena Mäenpää, Harri Piitulainen 2024

Altered corpus callosum structure in adolescents with cerebral palsy

Julia Jaatela, Timo Nurmi, Jaakko Vallinoja, Helena Mäenpää, Viljami Sairanen, Harri Piitulainen 2023

Limb-specific thalamocortical tracts are impaired differently in hemiplegic and diplegic subtypes of cerebral palsy

J Jaatela, DB Aydogan, T Nurmi, J Vallinoja, H Maenpaa, H Piitulainen 2023

Cortical networks show characteristic recruitment patterns after somatosensory stimulation by pneumatically evoked repetitive hand movements in newborn infants

Eero Ahtola, Susanna Leikos, Anna Tuiskula, Leena Haataja, Eero Smeds, Harri Piitulainen, Veikko Jousmäki, Anton Tokariev, Sampsa Vanhatalo 2022

More comprehensive proprioceptive stimulation of the hand amplifies its cortical processing

Maria Hakonen, Timo Nurmi, Jaakko Vallinoja, Julia Jaatela, Harri Piitulainen 2022

Reproducibility of Rolandic beta rhythm modulation in MEG and EEG

Mia Illman, Kristina Laaksonen, Veikko Jousmäki, Nina Forss, Harri Piitulainen 2022