Annika Eveliina Bengts

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
E706 Dept. Management Studies
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Elevating Business Models to the Ecosystem Level: Evidence from Web3 and Beyond

Annika Bengts, Ville Eloranta, Esko Hakanen, Taija Turunen, Valeska Tullney 2024 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Patient Journey Disruptions: The Obstacle of Integrated and Coordinated Care

Märt Vesinurm, Inka Sylgren, Annika Bengts, Paulus Torkki, Paul Lillrank 2023

Personalized care with mass production efficiency

Paul Lillrank, Fares Georges Khalil, Annika Bengts, An Chen, Perttu Kontunen, Satu Kaleva, Paulus Torkki 2022

Aligning Ecosystems with Shared Logic

Annika Bengts, Ville Eloranta, Esko Hakanen 2021