Alireza Jaribion

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T307 Dept. Industrial Engineering and Management
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Crowdsourcing Properties and Mechanisms of Mega Hackathons : The Case of Junction

Alireza Jaribion, Siavash H. Khajavi, Ulriikka Jarvihaavisto, Iiro Nurmi, Robin Gustafsson, Jan Holmstrom 2023

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in Additive Manufacturing: A Digital Tool for Enhancing IPR Protection

Alireza Jaribion, Adriaan Knapen, Alberto Xamin, Jan Holmström, Siavash Haghighat Khajavi 2022

Digital Twin for Safety and Comfort: A Case Study of Sauna

Siavash Haghighat Khajavi, Alireza Jaribion, Adriaan Knapen, Leila Abiedat 2020 Proceedings - IECON 2020

Digital twin of buildings

Siavash Haghighat Khajavi, Alireza Jaribion, Jan Holmström 2020

Impact of Additive Manufacturing on Supply Chain Complexity

Siavash Haghighat Khajavi, Inigo Flores Ituarte, Alireza Jaribion, Jia An, Chee Kai Chua, Jan Holmström 2020 Proceedings of the 53rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Is 3D printing a magic bullet for supply chain at the time of COVID-19 pandemic?

Siavash Haghighat Khajavi, Alireza Jaribion, Mohammad Ehteshami 2020

A Digital Twin for Safety and Risk Management: A Prototype for a Hydrogen High-Pressure Vessel

Alireza Jaribion, Siavash Haghighat Khajavi, Mikael Öhman, Adriaan Knapen, Jan Holmström 2020 Designing for Digital Transformation. Co-Creating Services with Citizens and Industry - 15th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology, DESRIST 2020, Proceedings

3D Printing in COVID-19: Productivity Estimation of the Most Promising Open Source Solutions in Emergency Situations

Mika Salmi, Jan Sher Akmal, Eujin Pei, Jan Wolff, Alireza Jaribion, Siavash Haghighat Khajavi 2020

Digital Twin: Vision, Benefits, Boundaries, and Creation for Buildings

Siavash Haghighat Khajavi, Naser Hossein Motlagh, Alireza Jaribion, Liss C. Werner, Jan Holmström 2019

An IoT-based automation system for older homes

Naser Hossein Motlagh, Siavash Haghighat Khajavi, Alireza Jaribion, Jan Holmström 2019 Proceedings - IEEE 11th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications, SOCA 2018