Hidaka Ohmu – merileväpaviljonki

Merileväpaviljonki on esillä A Bloc -kauppakeskuksessa Otaniemessä 16.11-16.12.2020. Voit tutustua Julia Lohmannin Kombu Ahtola -leväteokseen Helsingin Annantalolla (Annankatu 30) 20.8.2020–31.1.2021.
Julia Lohmann's Kombu Ahtola algae sculpture at Annantalo.
Julia Lohmannin Kombu Ahtola -leväteos Helsingin Annantalolla.

Merileväpaviljonki Hidaka Ohmu

Tammikuussa 2020 Davosissa Maailman talousfoorumissa esillä ollut teos on nyt nähtävissä Otaniemen A Bloc -kauppakeskuksessa.

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Julia Lohmann's Hidaka Ohmu at A Bloc shopping centre. Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Voit tutustua Julia Lohmannin Kombu Ahtola -leväteokseen Helsingin Annantalolla (Annankatu 30) 20.8.2020–31.1.2021.

Kombu Ahtola on osa Poikkipolkuja ekologiaan -näyttelyä.


About the installation

Julia Lohmann’s magnificent seaweed pavilion was originally displayed at the 50th World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2020. 

The multisensorial seaweed pavilion, entitled Hidaka Ohmu, represents 'The ‘Department of Seaweed’, a community of practice Lohmann founded around the sustainable development of seaweed as a material for making.  

When you approach Lohmann’s pavilion, you can’t ignore the strong scent of the sea, Lohmann’s installation enables visitors to immerse themselves with all their senses. Through it, she is encouraging everyone to try and get closer to the sea and its lifeforms. 

With her fascinating and thought-provoking seaweed sculptures and interventions, Lohmann joins the ranks of Greta Thunberg, Sylvia Earle and Al Gore to call for urgent changes to address the climate crisis. 

Hidaka Ohmu’s message highlights our limits as humans. No human can ever know the ocean like the species that live underwater but at the same time, our way of life constantly impacts the ocean. ‘We must become aware of these limits of our knowledge and empathically engage with the species we impact. We need to put their needs at the centre of every decision we make since they have as equal a right to life on this planet as we do’ Lohmann adds. 

Lohmann refers to Peter Senge, a world-famous scholar who has studied organisational change and empathy. She says his theories of system change suggest that ‘it’s not enough to intellectually understand the challenges we’re facing, we also have to understand emotionally what the decisions we need to make are, and how we can be brave enough to make the decisions and change. It’s always scary to change.’ 

The team: 

  • Professor Julia Lohmann (Department of Design in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture)
Saccharina-Latissima hanging, photo: Anne Hirvonen

Exploring Seaweed as a Material

Anne Hirvonen, Emma Sivusalo and Jussi-Pekka Alanen explore whether biodegradable materials made from natural substances such as algae could replace non-biodegradable materials and have features that are crucial in disposable packaging?

Contemporary Design
Julia Lohmann's Department of Seaweed at WEF. Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Julia Lohmann: "Tiedämme liikaa ja teemme liian vähän"

Merileväpaviljonki voitti Dezeen Awards 2020 -kilpailussa kestävän suunnittelun kategorian.


Materiaalit kiertoon

Tuotteiden valmistusprosessit saastuttavat ja pilaavat ympäristöä ja kuluttavat luonnonvaroja.

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