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Professori Monika Österbergin johtama Biotuotekemia-tutkimusryhmä kehittää uusiutuvasta lignoselluloosasta lisäarvoa tuottavia materiaaleja. Materiaalien rajapinnoilla tapahtuvien ilmiöiden ymmärtäminen ja hyödyntäminen on tärkeä painopiste ryhmän tutkimuksessa.
CHEM_Bio_Foam and woad research


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  1. Ligniinin valorisaatio keskittyen ligniinin nanohiukkasiin
  2. Lignoselluloosaiset nanomateriaalit
  3. Pinnan toiminnallisuus ja pinnan vuorovaikutusten ymmärtäminen


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Schematic illustration of a cell in contact with cellulose nanofibrils, and photo of 3D printing

4. Living cells and biomaterials

Our approach to developing materials is through a fundamental understanding of interfacial interactions. Hence, the interaction forces and adhesion between living cells and different biomaterials (including cellulose nanofibril hydrogels) are studied in our group. Analyses on cell mechanics have also been carried out. The results of these studies are relevant for advanced cell cultures, wound treatment, and drug testing and tissue engineering, among other biomedical applications.

We also work on the development of 3D printed scaffolds made of hydrogel materials based on wood polymers for cell culturing and other biomedical applications.

Two images: top 6 test tubes with differing amounts of water and brown particles in layers, bottom: brown composite material with water droplets balanced on the surface

5. Smart assembly of wood polymers for high-performance biobased materials

Answering the call for sustainability, we aim to create new functional materials based on smart combinations of fully renewable and biodegradable components and avoiding chemical modification, which allows us to harness the maximum benefits of each individual constituent’s inherent functionality and surface properties.

The key tool of our research is unraveling the interfacial properties of wood-based resources and renewable polymers as well as their colloidal assembly, addressing the important scientific challenges in colloid and interface science.


FinnCERES on Aalto-yliopiston ja VTT:n yhteinen materiaalien biotalouden osaamiskeskus. FinnCERESin tavoitteena on kehittää puuraaka-aineesta biotalouden materiaaleja varmistaen samalla edellytykset kestävään, ympäristöä säästävään tulevaisuuteen.

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Birch leaves. Photo: Valeria Azovskaya

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