Katri Lassila

A806 Department of Art and Media

I am photography and film artist finishing my doctoral dissertation about the image of landscape between still and moving image for Department of Film, Aalto University. I gave my first solo exhibition in 1999 and since then I have been active artist, exhibitioning my works regularly in dozens of solo and group exhibitions. My first mentor in the art of gelatin silver print was photographic artist Pentti Sammallahti. I specialise in fine art gelatin silver print technique but during the past ten years I have worked also with moving image and painting, combining those with analogue photography. My short film Chalk Circles (2015) has been screened at film festivals apart from Helsinki in Prague and Riga. The poetic film is about catastrophic effects of climate change on the South Pacific atoll islands. The artistic part of my dissertation Cliff (coming 2022) is a poetic short film about the effects of the climate change from the point of view of a refugee. The film consists of still film photographs, with some added animation. My favourite themes are landscape, time and water, and I am interested in the questions concerning exotism, colonialism and feminism in the context of landscape, which has been in the focus of my artistic and research work for long.

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Time, Landscape, Analog photography, Documentary film, Interdisciplinary research


Kultainen Lohikäärme - Golden Dragon

Most prestigious award in Finland for contributions in the field of roleplaying design. Awarded for the unmatched contributions for the work for equality on the field of live action roleplaying design together with designer partner Laura Kalli.
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Film Jul 2020


Mesolithic shadow play?

Marja Ahola, Katri Lassila 2022 Time and Mind

Katri Lassila

Katri Lassila 2022

Khronos & Topos

Katri Lassila 2022

Salt, Metal

Katri Lassila 2022

Sesongin jälkeen

Katri Lassila, Jarmo Lehtinen 2022

Lapua Art Biennale

Katri Lassila 2021


Katri Lassila 2021


Katri Lassila, Jenni Haili, Natalia Kopkina, Iina Gröhn, Patrick Kuoppamäki, Katri Naukkarinen, Taru Samola 2021

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