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EDIFY-EDU - Equality, Diversity, Inclusion For improving the quality of Management Education, training and professions

The EDIFY-EDU project addresses the skills gap in the sector of Management education with regards to competencies on equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), which are more and more needed in a complex and fluid society.

The project will facilitate the acquisition of EDI competencies and transversal skills for management students and managers in business (in particular targeting small and medium-sized companies), in order to respond to the societal transformation by setting up a system for skill assessment, learning offer and validation and recognition.
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Online seminar: Skills for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion on September 13th 2023.Registration

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The seminar is hosted by Jani Toivola

13:00 Welcome to the seminar

13:05 Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Business Management Education and training: Josephine Browne | IADT

13:15 Project findings on EDI competences: Heini Ikävalko | Aalto University and Audrey Stenson | IADT

Panel discussion: Differences on EDI competences in Germany, Italy, Greece, Ireland and Finland:  

  • Technische Universität Dresden
  • Marco Croella | Talent Garden
  • Konstantinos Mantzos | Hellenic Open University
  • IADT
  • Heini Ikävalko | Aalto University

13:45 European research perspective on skills gaps in equality, diversity and inclusion: Maria Jespen | European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working conditions

14:00 Break (during the break we will show EDIFY videos on best practices)

14:15 European perspective on EDI, pay transparency directive: Sirpa Pietikäinen | European parliament

14:40 Panel: Challenges and solutions in EDI competences - competence gaps, training needs and best practices:

  • Kate Canning | DLR Mill Theatre
  • Julius Hurri | Netlight Consulting
  • Sharon McGreevy | IADT
  • Greta Andersson | FIBS
  • Alicia Garcia-Madrid Colado | European Network of Innovation for Inclusion

15:25 The way forward

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