Vierailijaluento: Changing nature of multinational corporations and regional management

Vierailjialuento: Professori Catherine Welch Sydneyn yliopistosta ja Juho Mikkonen Unileveriltä

Welcome to a guest lecture about changing nature of multinational corporations and regional management! The lecture is organized as part of the School of Business' Masters course "Perspectives on the Multinational Corporation".

We will have two guest speakers visiting:
14:00-15:00 Professor Catherine Welch from University of Sydney: The multinational corporation as a ‘shape-shifter’

15:00-16:00 Juho Mikkonen from Unilever, also an Aalto and CEMS alumnus: Regional management in the Unilever Nordic region

If you have any questions, please email Eva Alfoldi at [email protected].

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