Tietotekniikan seminaari: Software Engineering – Better, Sooner, Cheaper

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Software Engineering – Better, Sooner, Cheaper

Mika Mäntylä
University of Oulu

Abstract: I start the talk by defining what I see as the goals of software engineering. Then to reach those goals I demonstrate three general approaches: people, processes, and technology. Research focusing on people discusses our work on time pressure in software engineering and the possibilities of automatically detecting it. Research on processes focuses on test automation maturity its impact on software quality. Finally, research on technology presents our ongoing work on using deep-learning and classical computing to detect anomalies in software operations.

Bio: Mika Mäntylä is a professor of Software Engineering at the University of Oulu, Finland. He received a D. Sc. degree in 2009 in Software Engineering from the Aalto University, Finland. His research focuses on the end of software development lifecycle activities like software testing, maintenance, operations. His research interests also include research methods, meta-science, and behavioral and psychological aspects in software engineering. He is keen to utilize natural language processing, classical machine learning, and deep learning to software engineering problems. He has previously worked as an assistant professor at the Aalto University, Finland, and as a post-doc at the Lund University, Sweden. He currently serves as an associated editor for IEEE Software magazine and Empirical Software Engineering journal. For more information https://mmantyla.github.io/

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