Thought Leaders’ Talk by Annu Nieminen

The new era of value creation is here! Join us to hear what net impact actually means and how it can be measured as Annu Nieminen from The Upright Project takes the stage.
Banner for Thought Leaders' Talk by Annu Nieminen

We are excited to announce the last TLT speaker of this year: Annu Nieminen, Founder and CEO of The Upright Project!

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Businesses today have a greater impact than ever on our world and yet we still measure success mainly with financial indicators.

The Upright Project wants to showcase the net impact of a company in an understandable form. Basically they are looking at companies' impact on the environment, on knowledge, on society and on the health of its employees.

During her talk, Annu will tell you more about The Upright Project and discuss what net impact actually means and how it can be measured. Join us to learn about the new era of value creation!

WHAT: TLT by Annu Nieminen
WHEN: Wednesday 27.11. at 5 pm
WHERE: Makerspace, Learning Centre (Otaniementie 9, 02150 Espoo)
WHOM: Everyone interested in entrepreneurship and impact

Click here for more information and to attend the event.

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