Secure Systems Demo Day 2022

The Secure Systems Demo Day is an annual meet-up for researchers and students in academia and industry and gives an overview of the current information security research going on in Finland’s capital area.
Secure Systems research group demoday at Aalto University. Researchers are presenting information security research.

Secure Systems Demo Day 2022 will be organized on Tuesday, May 24, in the Computer Science building (T-talo) at Aalto University. This is an annual event where we showcase all the results of the preceding year. Usually some 100-120 people, many from local infosec industry attend. If you want to have a one-stop overview of information security research going on in Finland's capital area, then do plan to stop by.

If you want to have coffee and buns, please register to the event!

We warmly welcome you to our annual event,
Tuomas Aura, Chris Brzuska, Lachlan Gunn, Janne Lindqvist and Valtteri Niemi

Secure Systems annual Demo Days are public events and free of charge. Events are organized by the Secure Systems research groups at Aalto University and University of Helsinki in collaboration with Helsinki-Aalto Institute for Cybersecurity (HAIC).

More information and the program on the event page

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