Näkymättömät ystävät, näyttely bakteerien eduista. Invisible friends – Exhibition about the benefits of bacteria

A multi-sensorial interactive exhibition about the benefits of bacteria.


Our views towards bacteria has changed during the pandemic. We are cleaning, isolating and using sanitisers more than ever before.This change can prove itself dangerous in the long term because we need bacteria to be healthy. As designers we can observe this change and try to change the way people view bacteria.


How to have the biggest impact on the way we think? We wanted to create a learning experience to kids in a fun and new way. Creating multi-sensorial interactive exhibition from the benefits of bacteria.

When and where?

Väre V2-Gallery (2nd Floor, next to Abloc)
10:00 - 16:00
5.4.2022 - 7.4.2022


Program: Collaborative and Industrial Design
Course: From Concepts to Design (MUO-3038)
Project Group: Rosita Kivinen, Hanna Hartikainen, Francesco Hachen, Sanna Uotila

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