InstituteQ Colloquium - Prof. Dr. Luca Peliti

The InstituteQ Colloquiums are casual, informative and engaging sessions where students, academics and other professionals of quantum science, technology and adjacent fields get to hear an expert talk about their work and have a chance to network with their peers.

On Thursday, September 1, 2022, the Colloquiums continue as InstituteQ is proud to host Prof. Dr. Luca Peliti!
Orange particle illustration on black background with white text: "InstituteQ Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Luca Peliti: 'The Values of Acquired Information', 1.9.2022 at 2 pm."

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Peliti was a Professor of Statistical Mechanics at the Department of Physics of the University "Federico II" in Naples, Italy. His main interest is non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.

At the InstituteQ Colloquium, he discusses the manipulation of microscopic degrees of freedom, as conceptually represented by Maxwell's demon and recently probed in several remarkable experiments. The manipulation relies on the acquisition of reliable information from the systemin question. During his talk, Dr. Peliti reviews a number of analogies in the use of acquired information, for work extraction (as in the Szilard engine), for gambling (as in Kelly's horse-race model), and in population dynamics. 

Join us on Thursday, September 1, at 2 pm either on-site or online. Refreshments will be served, so sign up for by clicking here!

InstituteQ. Photo: Jorden Senior.

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