Health Talks: Due Diligence for Medical Devices

During the next webinar co-hosted by OuluHealth and MDS Finland, the focus will be on quality and regulatory services as well as product development for medical device companies.
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Medical devices play a crucial role in modern healthcare, aiding in diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. However, the complex nature of these devices imposes regulations that companies in this sector must follow to ensure safety and quality. These regulations include a comprehensive framework of laws, standards, and guidelines that govern the development, manufacturing, distribution, and use of medical devices. As the number and complexity of requirements have grown significantly, meeting all these requirements and bringing a medical device to the market may be challenging.

During the webinar, you will hear how to tackle these challenges and navigate the medical device industry. You will find out how due diligence assists investors with estimating the profitability of financing decisions by evaluating the company's business operations and risks. Many medical device companies have relatively few instructions on good practices related, for example, to inspections. In this webinar, the speakers will discuss methods and critical topics necessary for determining the market readiness of a medical device company.


10:00 – 10:05 Opening words
10:05 – 10:45 Due diligence for medical devices - Dr. Jani Virtanen, Sales at MDS Finland, Medical Device Contractor; (Tech) Venla Rutanen, Marketing & Sales, QA/RA Consultant at MDS Finland
10:45 – 11:00 Q&A
11:00 Closing words


Dr. Jani Virtanen , Founder & Sales at MDS Finland, Medical Device Entrepreneur; (Tech)
Venla Rutanen , Marketing & Sales, QA/RA Consultant at MDS Finland

Webinar will be held via Zoom. Link will be sent after the registration.

The event will be recorded and later shared publicly.

For more info check the Health Talks webpage

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