Digital Fabrication Showcase 2021

The Digital Fabrication Showcase 2021 -näyttely esittelee töitä, joita Aalto Fablab on tuottanut itse ja yhteistyössä viimeisien vuosien aikana. Mukana olevia taiteilijoita: Anssi Alhopuro, Wan-Ting Hsieh, Maria Punkkinen, Solomon Embafrash, Krisjanis Rijnieks, Leda Vaneva, Ranjit Menon, Dorota Orlof, Jasmine Xie, Dinan Yan, Nicolina Stylianou, Ruo-Xuan (Russian) Wu ja muita...
Portable 9V Guitar Amplifier by Anssi Alhopuro
Portable 9V Guitar Amplifier (2020) by Anssi Alhopuro. Photo credit: © Anssi Alhopuro.

A lot has been going on at the Aalto Fablab during the past years. Students have been using the space to complete their coursework and thesis projects. Researchers tapped into the possibilities of rapid prototyping to fine-tune their experimental practice. COVID-19 posed new challenges, and collaborations between different stakeholders have been taking place to tackle them. Aalto Fablab has been a ground for practical use of digital fabrication technology. It is time to showcase the outcomes of the different creative processes that have been taking place there.

A fraction of the works in the exhibition are Fab Academy final projects or have been created using skills obtained during the course. An academic overlay for the Fab Academy has been established, giving Aalto University students an option to pursue the global digital fabrication course as part of their studies. You can find more information about Fab Academy on its official website (https://fabacademy.org).

You can join the Fab Academy academic overlay by entering the following courses.

● Digital Fabrication I (DOM-E5155)
● Digital Fabrication II (DOM-E5156)
● Digital Fabrication III (DOM-E5157)
● Digital Fabrication Studio (DOM-E5158)

Contact Aalto Fablab ( [email protected] ) for more information.

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