Computer Science Special Seminar: Philip Ginzboorg - Creating and Using Security Infrastructures

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Creating and Using Security Infrastructures

Philip Ginzboorg
Huawei Technologies

Abstract: How to create the security infrastructure, i.e. keys, identifiers and other data, that is used by the parties in a distributed system? In one approach, the security infrastructure is created from scratch based on local context, like physical closeness.

In another, the security infrastructure is bootstrapped from another, already existing security infrastructure. We can also combine the two approaches. We are going to discuss these approaches and make excursions into 5G, DTN, and IoT security.

Bio: Philip Ginzboorg is a principal researcher in the areas of 5G, IoT and platform security at Huawei Technologies, Finland. Previously, he worked in Nokia Research Center and in Nokia Telecommunications in Finland. His research interests include wireless and mobile communications, network architecture, protocol design, distributed systems, and design of security and privacy features for telecommunication systems. He holds a PhD EE from Aalto University, Finland (2014).

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