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Public lecture as part of the fifth iterative workshop of the 'Beyond e-Textiles' project (Nordic network on smart light-conversion textiles beyond electric circuits)
Beyond e-Textiles, Public lecture (June 7, 2023)

The public lecture will include presentations by cooperating partners, Q&A session and opening of the prototype exhibition 'Entangled'. The event is open for everyone interested. Welcome!

'Beyond e-Textiles' is a consortium project that is being implemented in collaboration between Aalto University, University of Turku, VIA University College (Denmark), University of Borås (Sweden), and Iceland University of the Arts.

Programme of the lecture

15.00- Opening of the event (light refreshments served)

15.30- Presentations by project teams

  • Aalto University: ‘Multiple functionalities in one entity: imagining textiles as active elements around us’ / Jaana Vapaavuori
  • University of Turku: 'Beyond Stains: Self-Cleaning Cotton' / Alicja Lawrynowicz
  • University of Borås: 'Sustainable textiles as containers of time: methods of extending by design the life span of textiles using natural phenomena as catalysts for change' / Riikka Talman
  • VIA University College: 'Speculative Textile Prototyping towards the Green Transition' / Anne Louise Bang
  • Iceland University of the Arts: 'Design Fiction' and 'Experimental Textiles in Iceland' / Thomas Pausz

16.30- Opening of the 'ENTANGLED' exhibition

Please note that photos and videos will be taken during the event. If you prefer not to appear on the images, please contact us at [email protected].

This event is (partly) supported by NordForsk through the funding to Nordic network on smart light-conversion textiles beyond electric circuits, project number 103894.

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Prof. Jaana Vapaavuoren johtama tutkimusryhmä

MMD webpage main image. GIF image by Aalto University, Giulnara Launonen

Beyond e-Textiles project

Nordic network on smart light-conversion textiles beyond electric circuits

Beyond e-Textiles webpage, main image. Image by Aalto University, Giulnara Launonen, Maija Vaara, Mithila Mohan

Beyond e-Textiles: ENTANGLED

Prototype exhibition of the 'Beyond e-Textiles' project

Entangled exhibition, Beyond e-Textiles project.
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