AQP Seminar: Photon Shape Optimization for Remote Entanglement

Aalto Quantum Physics -seminaari (Nanotalo). Puhuja: Fabian Marxer (Department of Physics, ETH Zurich)
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Aalto Quantum Physics -seminaari (Nanotalo). Puhuja: Fabian Marxer (Department of Physics, ETH Zurich)

Remote entanglement between two identical qubits is the foundation for quantum communication protocols, non-local experiments and distributed quantum information processing. For qubits based on superconducting circuit technology, microwave photons are used to transfer information between two nodes. The shape of these photons depend on the chip parameters of the emitting and the receiving node which, in the past, have always been assumed identical. Here, we experimentally test two techniques for optimizing the conventional symmetric photon shape for the realistic case of two non-identical circuit parameters. By using an asymmetric photon shape, we can decrease the photon duration leading to a faster protocol. We also demonstrate the emission of photons with frequencies detuned from the frequency of the transfer resonator, in case the emitter and receiver node frequencies are off-resonant. As long as we cannot eliminate the variation in the parameters of the superconducting circuits during fabrication, these optimization techniques allow us for a larger latitude when performing remote quantum experiments.

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