AQP Seminar: Effects of magnetic field on vortex states in superfluid 3He-B

Aalto Quantum Physics -seminaari (Nanotalo). Puhuja: Prof. Mikio Nakahara (Shanghai University)

Aalto Quantum Physics -seminaari (Nanotalo). Puhuja: Professori Mikio Nakahara (Shanghai University)

Superfluid 3He-B possesses three locally stable vortices known as a normal-core vortex (o-vortex), an A-phase-core vortex (v-vortex), and a double-core vortex (d-vortex).

In this work, we study the effects of a magnetic field parallel or perpendicular to the vortex axis on these structures by solving the two-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau equation for two different sets of strong coupling correction.

The energies of the v- and d-vortices have nontrivial dependence on the magnetic field.

As a longitudinal magnetic field increases, the v-vortex is energetically unstable even for high pressures and the d-vortex becomes energetically most stable for all possible ranges of pressure.

For a transverse magnetic field the energy of the v-vortex becomes lower than that of the d-vortex
in the high pressure region.

In addition, the orientation of the double cores in the d-vortex prefers to be parallel to the magnetic field at low pressures, while the d-vortex with the double cores perpendicular to the magnetic field is allowed to continuously deform into the v-vortex by increasing the pressure.


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