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Elektroniikan integrointi ja luotettavuus

Elektroniikan integroinnin ja luotettavuuden tutkimus on luonnostaan erittäin monialaista. Tietotaitomme perustuu materiaalitieteeseen ja erityisesti heterogeenisten järjestelmien materiaalien välisten ilmiöiden ymmärtämiseen. Metodologiamme yhdistää mikrorakenteiden vahvan kokeellisen tutkimuksen ja analyysin termodynaamiseen ja termomekaaniseen sekä diffuusiokineettiseen mallintamiseen.
Electronics integration and reliability
State-of-the-Art Facilities

Examples of our recent research from large international Public-Private-Partnership projects currently running are:

PowerizeD is an innovative EU funded project aiming to develop breakthrough technologies of digitized and intelligent power electronics to enable sustainable and resilient energy generation, transmission and applications. https://powerized.eu/index.php

Our group is contributing in PowerizeD with multiple objectives: 

(a) Implementation of high temperature die attach materials in power modules for increased reliability and product durability. 
(b) Assessment of resource efficiency in different power modules and power systems.
(c) Development of high thermal performance compound semiconductor substrate Alternate Silicon on Insulator (A-SOI).

Research to Business (R2B) funding is intended for public research organizations for projects in which research groups and researchers aim to develop their research into new business and to commercialize their research results.

MEMS Modules

Here the group is developing a novel 3D piezoMEMS which is an advance piezoelectric MEMS sensor capable of full 3D motion and sensing. This is enabled by depositing AlN on the vertical and horizontal surfaces of a MEMS element, giving the design fully unhindered 3D-motion.

Future Makers 2023 aim is towards building long-term sustainable renewal and new business models for the Finnish technology industry. The target of our project is to merge two meticulously developed technological platforms within the EILB group – 3D piezoMEMS and solid liquid interdiffusion (SLID) bonding. The focus is on integrating 3D piezoMEMS wafers with through silicon via (TSV) wafers to demonstrate wafer level packaging.

Recent doctoral dissertations from the EILB group include “Development of piezoelectric microelectromechanical systems for multiaxial motion and sensing” by K. Bespalova Development of piezoelectric microelectromechanical systems for multiaxial motion and sensing (aalto.fi) and “Deposition and characterization of aluminum nitride thin films for piezoelectric MEMS” by E. Österlund Deposition and characterization of aluminum nitride thin films for piezoelectric MEMS (aalto.fi).

Our teaching is part of two master’s programs – Automation and Electrical Engineering (AEE) and Joint International Master in Smart Systems Integrated Solutions (SSIs), and includes e.g. the following courses:
•    ELEC-E8712 Design for Reliability
•    ELEC-E8714 Sustainable Electronics
•    ELEC-E8715 Design and Analysis of MEMS
•    ELEC-E8716 Heterogeneous Integration

For more information, please contact:
•    Prof. Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel ([email protected]),
•    Principal University Lecturer, Dr. Vesa Vuorinen ([email protected]), 
•    Academy Research Fellow, Dr. Glenn Ross ([email protected]), or
•    Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Nikhilendu Tiwary ([email protected]).

Viimeisimmät julkaisut

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Low-Temperature Wafer-Level Bonding with Cu-Sn-In Solid Liquid Interdiffusion for Microsystem Packaging

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