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Add-on CEMS MIM for Aalto students

CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM) includes CEMS courses, an extensive business project, an exchange semester at another CEMS university, an international internship, and seminars familiarising the students with skills required in working life.

Aalto students can apply to complete the CEMS MIM programme (66 ECTS) in parallel with their regular Aalto MSc studies during one academic year.
CEMS Club Helsinki board Fall 2019

Aalto University School of Business has been the Finnish member of the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education since 1998. The CEMS MIM study experience is characterized by intensive collaboration among the diverse members of the network: bright students, active alumni, accomplished academics, international companies and social partners, and more.

More about CEMS MIM at Aalto

More about CEMS MIM for Aalto students

Apply to CEMS MIM 

Students already enrolled in one of Aalto University’s study programmes can apply to the add-on ‘crown-model’ CEMS MIM (66 ECTS) to be completed in parallel with their regular Aalto MSc studies during one academic year.

To be eligible for this option, an applicant must be either a Master’s level student or in the last year of their Bachelor’s studies when applying. 

Next application round: November 16 – December 16, 2024. 

This application round is for CEMS MIM in the academic year 2025-2026. The selections are made in February 2025. 

Who can apply

All Aalto University students are eligible to apply to CEMS MIM as long as they meet the following formal eligibility criteria:

  1. Students enrolled in any Aalto University's Master's programme or bachelor's level students at Aalto who 1) have been given the automatic study right to continue on Master's level upon Bachelor's graduation, and 2) will officially graduate from their bachelor's programme before August 1, 2025. In this case, MIM selection will be conditional until the Master’s student status has been obtained.
  2. Minimum 60 ECTS business related studies on BSc and MSc level combined, on record by August 1st 2025
  3. Proficiency in English and possibly in a second language
  4. Must meet the eligibility conditions for Master's level exchange studies in the student's own Aalto school / MSc programme.

Proof of proficiency with the eligibility criteria must be submitted with the application (see Phase 1).

Student selection criteria

In addition to the basic eligibility requirements listed above, applicants will be assessed based on the following CEMS-wide selection criteria:

Intellectual potential & knowledge

  • Intellectual potential
  • Academic excellence
  • Prior knowledge in the business field

Attitude & soft skills

  • Desire to achieve
  • Interpersonal competences
  • Integrity
  • Critical thinking
  • Motivation for the MIM programme

International orientation

  • Language skills
  • International openness and cross-cultural aptitudes

How to apply

An online application form including supporting documents (Phase 1) is to be submitted within the application period.

Required application documents:

  1. Transcript of records
  2. Proof of proficiency in English (and possibly in language 2)
  3. CV

Based on the online applications, a select group of applicants will be invited to an interview and further assessment (Phase 2). 

Phase 1 - Evaluation based on online application

Fill out the online application form within the application period (next application period: Nov 16 - Dec 16, 2024 (3:00 pm, GMT +2)).

Required attachements (4), all to be uploaded in electronic format

1. Transcript of records

Your transcript should include both Bachelor's and Master's degree level courses to-date (including 1st period of academic year 2024-2025). The transcript must show that you have completed the minimum requirement of 60 ECTS business related studies. Applicants must demonstrate good academic performance.

If your  Bachelor's degree is in a field other than Business, please highlight all the courses you would propose to be counted. Course descriptions should be included in cases where the course title does not tell enough about the content. If you continue your business studies in spring 2024, please include your study plan to show that you will have completed 60 ECTS of business studies by August 1, 2025.

2. Proof of proficiency in English (and possibly in language 2)

Acceptable proof of proficiency for English (if not mother tongue):

1) Bachelor’s or Master’s level university degree completed entirely in English,

  • at an institution physically located in: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand, while residing in that country; or
  • in a CEMS /Equis / AACSB accredited institution in an EU/EEA country, Switzerland, or South Africa, while residing in that country (e.g. Aalto University School of Business Mikkeli BScBa programme);

Note: The official language of such degree must have been English, and this must be clearly stated on the degree certificate.


2) One of the following language tests (minimum score):

  • IELTS (Academic)/IELTS Indicator (7.0)
  • TOEFL (iBT100)
  • CAE (B),
  • CPE (C),
  • BEC Higher B;

Due to the current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following online tests are accepted: TOEFL iBT Home Edition (minimum score 100, with a score of at least 20 in each section), IELTS Indicator (minimum band score 7.0), TOEFL ITP® Plus for China Solution (see cems.org).

Language 2

  • Documentation of mother tongue will be collected upon acceptance to the programme
  • If your only mother tongue is English, you must submit proof of proficiency at B1 CEFR-level in a language other than English. Please contact [email protected] for details. 

4. CV in English

The comprehensive CV evaluation takes into account relevant education, work experience and extracurricular activities, as well as international orientation as demonstrated by e.g. work, studies or extracurricular activities abroad, participation in various international or inter-cultural activities in home country, and knowledge and interest in learning foreign languages.

Phase 2 - Interviews and further assessment

Based on the submitted application documents, a select group of applicants will be invited to an interview and further assessment. Phase 2 assessment will take place in February 2025 on campus. Virtual assessment will be organized if necessary. In Phase 1 you can request virtual assessment in case you have a valid reason not to be able to participate in person on campus during those days.

Applicants selected for Phase 2 will receive their invitation with an individual assessment date & time by January 31, 2025 via email.

Final selections and exchange allocation

Final student selections will be made in February. Students will be asked to confirm their participation in the programme within a few days from receiving the results. Exchange allocation is done after student confirmations, taking into account student preferences as much as possible.

Frequently asked questions

CEMS Programme Managers Liisa Kotilainen and Arja Sahlberg at the Aalto University School of Business.

Contact information

CEMS Programme and Corporate Relations Managers

Liisa Kotilainen
[email protected]
+358 40 353 8166
Y120, Ekonominaukio 1

Arja Sahlberg
[email protected]
+358 40 353 8165
Y120, Ekonominaukio 1

CEMS Academic Director

Sarianna Lundan
[email protected]
+358 50 430 0190

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