Master's Programme in Animation

Would you like to deepen your knowledge of animation, create visually engaging worlds and breathe life into characters? Animation Major explores both the theory and practice of this most imaginative and joyous form of art. The demand for animated content has expanded rapidly and it is not anymore limited to any particular field in the entertainment industry. Thus, a considerable part of the multidisciplinary education will take place in projects where leading professionals teach workflows and various applications based on your personal study plan. We are looking for open-minded students with solid general and artistic knowledge from their previous Bachelor level studies. The course supports progression to research at Doctoral level as well as to advanced selfdirected practice.


Taiteen maisteri


2.12.2019 – 3.1.2020




2 vuotta, täysipäiväinen


Soveltuva alempi korkeakoulututkinto


Taiteiden ala


120 opintopistettä


Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu


EU/ETA-alueen ulkopuoliset kansalaiset, €15000/v (maisteriopinnot)

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Study objectives

MA Animation explores both the theory and practice of animation. The students will deepen their knowledge of animation and its various applications, and they become professionals who are able to work as experts and creative innovators in the animation field. They will be able to design, create and head animation productions and act as member of a team. The aim of the studies is to support the development of a student's own strengths and artistic vision, as well as critical thinking. Students will become familiar with the traditions and the current trends of animation and they are encouraged to experiment for new and fresh approaches. Ability to work in a team is central to the course, furthermore it is important to understand the different roles and disciplines in a filmmaking process (screenwriting cinematography, sound design, visual effects, production design etc.) We are looking for open minded students with solid general and artistic knowledge from their previous BA level studies. The course supports progression to research at PhD level as well as to advanced self-directed practice.


The study program focuses on storytelling and visualization, character design, character animation and directing, covering almost any 2D and 3D animation techniques (from CGI to cartoon and stop frame). The students will explore a range of both technical and conceptual approaches to animation. They have the opportunity to produce short form animation across 2D & 3D to set briefs. They will also engage in theoretical seminars and analysis of animation art. The curriculum consists of workshops, masterclasses, projects and MA dissertation.

More information can be found in our Study Guide 2020-2022

Career opportunities

Today you see animation everywhere from the Internet and mobile phones to movies,
commercials, special effects, VR and games. Animation is a progressive career option with many opportunities to excel. You can produce animated films both collaboratively and as solo ventures. You can work as animator, animation director, supervisor, producer, layout artist, storyboard artist, concept artist etc. depending on your study choices. You may also be employed in applied professional tasks in the animation field such as festivals, financing and distribution.

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