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Johannes Tervo works with defending world's carrying capacity

Alumnus Johannes Tervo is heading partnerships at The Upright Project. He studied his master’s in Advanced Energy Solutions Energy Conversion Processes, which helped him to understand how the world works and solve problems by applying first principle thinking with the help of math and physics.
Johannes Tero giving a talk

The current energy crisis in Europe made my studies feel critical. I studied my master’s in Advanced Energy Solutions Energy Conversion Processes. The energy sector alone contributes 40% of global CO2 emissions, which is an extremely difficult, meaningful, and exciting problem to tackle with the means of technology. 

After graduating from Aalto, I headed partnerships at Slush, analyzed startup investments at Inventure, and currently at the Upright Project we are pursuing the mission of making the impact of companies transparent, comparable, and actionable to enable better decisions for humankind. 

At the Upright Project I'm heading partnerships. We are a high-growth technology company in Helsinki founded by Aalto alumni. Every day is quite different for us as we are growing exponentially, so the needs of the company vary a lot. Primarily, however, I'm building our product offering, customer base, and strategic partnerships. We are helping defend the world's carrying capacity by enabling smarter decision-making for investors, companies, and consumers by quantifying the impact of companies with an AI-enabled quantification model and scientific literature. Here's, for example, Tesla's impact profile for you to have a look at. As a tip for you: the next time you're assessing a new job opportunity, I recommend checking out what the company's impact on the world is so you know exactly what you are contributing your skill and time to.  

In addition, on the side, we've had a side venture called Talk The Talk, with a mission to make Finns the world's best public speakers. We've organized public speaking coaching and event hosting. 

I'm most thankful to have studied a highly needed engineering degree which helped me understand how the world works and solve problems by applying first principle thinking with the help of math and physics. Life is so much more interesting when you can reason things yourself rather than solely accepting things as truth because someone else says so. 

Something memorable from the time I was studying was being supported by the Aalto University exchange and other entrepreneurship society-related work, as I had the chance to work and study in many locations in the world: Chile, San Fransisco, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Hong Kong, for example. 

Furthermore, I'd highlight the people and communities I joined; Aalto Entrepreneurship Society and Aalto Skate, for example, where I've met some of my best friends and colleagues for life. 

The best part of my studies at Aalto was living in Otaniemi "Ota-Onnela". Especially over the last ten years, it's in my opinion evolved into one of the best campuses in the world to live and study in. High-quality education, very international, and a lot of freedom to create your own curriculum. The Otaniemi community is very active and welcoming, there are societies and groups for almost any hobby you could imagine. I mostly skateboarded and played basketball. Had the best time of my life there for sure! 

A tip for new students is to have fun and get involved in other activities outside your curriculum and current interests. The people you meet during your studies are equally if not more important than what you study. You'll do great!! :-) 

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Energy Conversion Processes - Advanced Energy Solutions, Master of Science (Technology)

Tiesitkö, että Suomen kaikki rakennukset voitaisiin lämmittää aurinkoenergialla? Tai tiestikö, että viruksien kulkeutumista ilmateitse määrittävät virtausmekaaniset ja termodynaamiset ilmiöt?

Jos haluat olla mukana ratkaisemassa tulevaisuuden kannalta elintärkeitä haasteita, Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions voi olla etsimäsi koulutusohjelma. Kestävät energiakonversioprosessit ovat avainasemassa energiajärjestelmän kehityksessä, johon maisteriohjelma tarjoaa lyhyen ja pitkän aikavälin ratkaisuja sekä työkaluja ongelmien ratkaisemiseen.

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