Tiina Ritvala

Tiina Ritvala

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
E706 Dept. Management Studies
Sustainability in Business

My research focus is on cross-sector collaboration between multinational corporations, cities and nonprofits in the contexts of high institutional complexity such as sustainable cities, energy transition and cultural fields. My research intersects organizational theory, international business and social purpose.

Currently, I serve as Assistant Dean (Teaching and Eduction) besides my research, teaching and supervision tasks. Prior to joining academia I worked ten years in business consulting and took also part in volunteer work.

I earned my D.Sc. (Econ.) at Helsinki School of Economics in 2008, and was a Visiting Scholar at SCANCOR/Weatherhead (Harvard) and at Queen's University (Canada) in 2016 and WU Vienna in 2019.

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[email protected]
Ekonominaukio 1 02150 Espoo Finland


Cross-sector networks, MNC and sustainability, Institutional change


Best Paper Award

EIBA 2017 Milan Conference, the track "MNEs and Sustainable Development"
Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta Johtamisen laitos Dec 2017

Distinguished in the 1997 McKinsey Award for the highest performing graduates at the Helsinki School of Economics,

Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta Johtamisen laitos Jan 1997

Distinguished paper in EDAMBA Thesis Competition, EDAMBA European Doctoral Association in Management and Business Administration

Sijoittuminen kilpailussa tai osallistuminen kutsukilpailuun Johtamisen laitos Jan 2009


  • Sustainability in Business


Multinational Corporations in Sustainable Cities: The Case of a Sustainable Headquarters Building

Tiina Ritvala, Ella Ahmas, Rebecca Piekkari 2023 International Business and Sustainable Development Goals

A review of location, politics, and the multinational corporation: Bringing political geography into international business

Iiris Saittakari, Tiina Ritvala, Rebecca Piekkari, Perttu Kähäri, Sami Moisio, Tomas Hanell, Sjoerd Beugelsdijk 2023 Journal of International Business Studies

Multinational energy utilities in the energy transition: A configurational study of the drivers of FDI in renewables

Samuli Patala, Jouni Juntunen, Sarianna Lundan, Tiina Ritvala 2021 Journal of International Business Studies

A processual view of organizational stigmatization in foreign market entry

Tiina Ritvala, Nina Granqvist, Rebecca Piekkari 2021 Journal of International Business Studies

Geopolitics of the knowledge-based economy

Tiina Ritvala, Rebecca Piekkari 2021 Journal of International Business Studies

Theorizing MNE-NGO conflicts in state-capitalist contexts

Sofia Villo, Minna Halme, Tiina Ritvala 2020 Journal of World Business

The internationalization of early stage social enterprises

Tiina Ritvala, Rilana Riikkinen 2019 International Business in a VUCA World: The Changing Role of States and Firm

Energy Transition of Multinational Energy Utilities: A Configurational Study

Samuli Patala, Jouni Juntunen, Sarianna Lundan, Tiina Ritvala 2018 International Sustainability Transitions Conference

Shades of Foreignness: Towards a Stigma-Based View

Tiina Ritvala, Rebecca Piekkari, Nina Granqvist, Henrika Franck 2018 34th EGOS Colloquium 2018: Surprise in and around Organizations: Journeys to the Unexpected