Pentti Kujala

Pentti Kujala

Professori (Professor of Practice)
T212 Mechanical Engineering
Professori (Professor of Practice)

I am a professor of Marine technology and the head of Marine Technology research group. Today I am working on the safety of ships both in open water and in ice. My main research interests during my  40- year long career have been devoted to full scale measurements of ice induced loads and analysis of the ice load statistics, simulation of ship performance in ice, development of advanced structural solutions for ships and development of system level safety of marine traffic.

I am also Vice Dean of the School of Engineering with the main duties related to the Impact and Innovation activities of the School. I have extensive national and international co-operation heading e.g. the Center of Excellence for safe Arctic shipping funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation from London (

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Before Aalto, I have been working e..g on Lloyd's Register of Shipping in London, VTT and Aker Yards.

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Honorary Fellowship of TRANSNAV congress

Since 2015
Palkinto tai huomionosoitus urasta Konetekniikan laitos Jan 2015

Aalto Education Impact Award, 2018

Aalto Education Impact Award, 2018 on Contribution to Establishment of Marine technology study program to network University Finnish Institute of technology
Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta Meritekniikka Sep 2018

EU-Transportation Research Award 2020

Best senior researcher in the Waterborne sector: Improving the safety of ships operating in ice-covered waters
Palkinto tai huomionosoitus urasta Konetekniikan laitos Sep 2020


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Virtual special Issue

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Probability of a ship becoming beset in ice along the Northern Sea Route – A Bayesian analysis of real-life data

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