Paula Annukka Nousiainen

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Staff Scientist
T107 Bioproducts and Biosystems
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  • Bioproduct Chemistry, Staff Scientist


In Situ Adsorption of Red Onion (Allium cepa) Natural Dye on Cellulose Model Films and Fabrics Exploiting Chitosan as a Natural Mordant

Rafael Grande, Riikka Räisänen, Jinze Dou, Satu Rajala, Kiia Malinen, Paula A. Nousiainen, Monika Österberg 2023 ACS Omega

Transparent lignin nanoparticles for superhydrophilic antifogging coatings and photonic films

Karl Alexander Henn, Sahar Babaeipour, Susanna Forssell, Paula Nousiainen, Kristoffer Meinander, Pekka Oinas, Monika Österberg 2023 Chemical Engineering Journal

Interfacial catalysis and lignin nanoparticles for strong fire- and water-resistant composite adhesives

K. Alexander Henn, Susanna Forssell, Antti Pietiläinen, Nina Forsman, Ira Smal, Paula Nousiainen, Rahul Prasad Bangalore Ashok, Pekka Oinas, Monika Österberg 2022 Green Chemistry

Fractionation of Technical Lignin from Enzymatically Treated Steam-Exploded Poplar Using Ethanol and Formic Acid

Riku Maltari, Jussi Kontro, Klaus Koivu, Muhammad Farooq, Joona Mikkilä, Rui Zhang, Kristiina Hildén, Jussi Sipilä, Paula A. Nousiainen 2022 ACS Applied Polymer Materials

Production of Recombinant Laccase From Coprinopsis cinerea and Its Effect in Mediator Promoted Lignin Oxidation at Neutral pH

Jussi Kontro, Christina Lyra, Milla Koponen, Jaana Kuuskeri, Mika A. Kähkönen, Janne Wallenius, Xing Wan, Jussi Sipilä, Miia Mäkelä, Paula Nousiainen, Kristiina Hildén 2021 Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Vanillic acid and methoxyhydroquinone production from guaiacyl units and related aromatic compounds using Aspergillus niger cell factories

Ronnie J.M. Lubbers, Adiphol Dilokpimol, Paula A. Nousiainen, Răzvan C. Cioc, Jaap Visser, Pieter C.A. Bruijnincx, Ronald P. de Vries 2021 Microbial Cell Factories

Depolymerization of biorefinery lignin by improved laccases of the white-rot fungus Obba rivulosa

Janne Wallenius, Jussi Kontro, Christina Lyra, Jaana Kuuskeri, Xing Wan, Mika A. Kähkönen, Irshad Baig, Paul C.J. Kamer, Jussi Sipilä, Miia R. Mäkelä, Paula Nousiainen, Kristiina Hildén 2021 Microbial Biotechnology

Infrared and Raman spectra of lignin substructures

Peter Bock, Paula Nousiainen, Thomas Elder, Markus Blaukopf, Hassan Amer, Ronald Zirbs, Antje Potthast, Notburga Gierlinger 2020 Journal of Raman Spectroscopy

On the Effect of Hot-Water Pretreatment in Sulfur-Free Pulping of Aspen and Wheat Straw

Uula Hyväkkö, Riku Maltari, Tia Kakko, Jussi Kontro, Joona Mikkilä, Petri Kilpelaïnen, Eric Enqvist, Panu Tikka, Kristiina Hildén, Paula Nousiainen, Jussi Sipilä 2020 ACS Omega

Applicability of Recombinant Laccases From the White-Rot Fungus Obba rivulosa for Mediator-Promoted Oxidation of Biorefinery Lignin at Low pH

Jussi Kontro, Riku Maltari, Joona Mikkilä, Mika Kähkönen, Miia R. Mäkelä, Kristiina Hildén, Paula Nousiainen, Jussi Sipilä 2020 Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Fungal Treatment Modifies Kraft Lignin for Lignin- And Cellulose-Based Carbon Fiber Precursors

Joona Mikkilä, Mikaela Trogen, Klaus A.Y. Koivu, Jussi Kontro, Jaana Kuuskeri, Riku Maltari, Zane Dekere, Marianna Kemell, Miia R. Mäkelä, Paula A. Nousiainen, Michael Hummel, Jussi Sipilä, Kristiina Hildén 2020 ACS Omega

Selective Cleavage of Lignin β- O-4 Aryl Ether Bond by β-Etherase of the White-Rot Fungus Dichomitus squalens

Mila Marinović, Paula Nousiainen, Adiphol Dilokpimol, Jussi Kontro, Robin Moore, Jussi Sipilä, Ronald P. De Vries, Miia R. Mäkelä, Kristiina Hildén 2018 ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Two distinct enzymatic approaches for coupling fatty acids onto lignocellulosic materials

Katrin J. Greimel, Tukayi Kudanga, Paula Nousiainen, Jussi Sipilä, Enrique Herrero Acero, Gibson S. Nyanhongo, Georg M. Guebitz 2017 Process Biochemistry

Engineering towards catalytic use of fungal class-II peroxidases for dye-decolorizing and conversion of lignin model compounds

Taina Lundell, Elodie Bentley, Kristiina Hildén, Johanna Rytioja, Jaana Kuuskeri, Usenobong F. Ufot, Paula Nousiainen, Martin Hofrichter, Matti Wahlsten, Wendy Doyle, Andrew T. Smith 2017 Current Biotechnology

Effect of Fatty Acid Esterification on the Thermal Properties of Softwood Kraft Lignin

Klaus A.Y. Koivu, Hasan Sadeghifar, Paula A. Nousiainen, Dimitris S. Argyropoulos, Jussi Sipilä 2016 ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Time-scale dynamics of proteome and transcriptome of the white-rot fungus Phlebia radiata

Jaana Kuuskeri, Mari Häkkinen, Pia Laine, Olli Pekka Smolander, Fitsum Tamene, Sini Miettinen, Paula Nousiainen, Marianna Kemell, Petri Auvinen, Taina Lundell 2016 Biotechnology for Biofuels

Aromatic metabolism of filamentous fungi in relation to the presence of aromatic compounds in plant biomass

Miia R. Mäkelä, Mila Marinović, Paula Nousiainen, April J.M. Liwanag, Isabelle Benoit, Jussi Sipilä, Annele Hatakka, Ronald P. de Vries, Kristiina S. Hildén 2015 Advances in Applied Microbiology

Phenolic mediators enhance the manganese peroxidase catalyzed oxidation of recalcitrant lignin model compounds and synthetic lignin

Paula Nousiainen, Jussi Kontro, Helmiina Manner, Annele Hatakka, Jussi Sipilä 2014 Fungal Genetics and Biology

Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) of lignin and lignin model compounds in Raman spectroscopy

Anni Lahdetie, Paula Nousiainen, Jussi Sipilä, Tarja Tamminen, Anna-Stiina Jaaskelainen 2013 Holzforschung

Origin of laser induced fluorescence of lignin

Anni Lähdetie, Paula Nousiainen, Jussi Sipilä, Anna-Stiina Jääskelainen 2012 243rd ACS National Meeting & Exposition, San Diego, CA, United States, March 25-29, 2012

Action of fungal laccases on lignin model compounds in organic solvents

Pekka Maijala, Maija-Liisa Mattinen, Paula Nousiainen, Jussi Kontro, Janne Asikkala, Jussi Sipilä, Liisa Viikari 2012 JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CATALYSIS B: ENZYMATIC

The wood rot ascomycete Xylaria polymorpha produces a novel GH78 glycoside hydrolase that exhibits α-L-rhamnosidase and feruloyl esterase activities and releases hydroxycinnamic acids from lignocelluloses

Do Huu Nghi, Britta Bittner, Harald Kellner, Nico Jehmlich, René Ullrich, Marek J. Pecyna, Paula Nousiainen, Jussi Sipilä, Le Mai Huong, Martin Hofrichter, Christiane Liers 2012 Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Lignin model compound studies to elucidate the effect of "natural" mediators on oxidoreductase-catalyzed degradation of lignocellulosic materials

P. Nousiainen, J. Kontro, Pekka Maijala, E. Uzan, A. Hatakka, A. Lomascolo, J. Sipilä 2012 Functional Materials from Renewable Sources

Laccase aided modification of nanofibrillated cellulose with dodecyl gallate

Päivi Saastamoinen, Maija-Liisa Mattinen, Ulla Hippi, Paula Nousiainen, Jussi Sipilä, Martina Lille, Anna Suurnäkki, Jaakko Pere 2012 BioResources

Oxidative cleavage of non-phenolic β-O-4 lignin model dimmers by an extracellular aromatic peroxygenase

Matthias Kinne, Marzena Poraj-Kobielska, René Ullrich, Paula Nousiainen, Jussi Sipilä, Katrin Scheibner, Kenneth E. Hammel, Martin Hofrichter 2011 Holzforschung

Oxidation of lignans and lignin model compounds by laccase in aqueous solvent systems

Maija-Liisa Mattinen, Pekka Maijala, Paula Nousiainen, Annika Smeds, Jussi Kontro, Jussi Sipilä, Tarja Tamminen, Stefan Willför, Liisa Viikari 2011 JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CATALYSIS B: ENZYMATIC

Oxidative polymerisation of models for phenolic lignin end-groups by laccase

Dimitri Areskogh, Jiebing Li, Paula Nousiainen, Göran Gellerstedt, Jussi Sipilä, Gunnar Henriksson 2010 Holzforschung

Sulfonation of phenolic end groups in lignin directs laccase-initiated reactions towards cross-linking

Dimitri Areskogh, Paula Nousiainen, Jiebing Li, Göran Gellerstedt, Jussi Sipilä, Gunnar Henriksson 2010 Industrial Biotechnology

High redox potential laccases from the ligninolytic fungi Pycnoporus coccineus and Pycnoporus sanguineus suitable for white biotechnology: From gene cloning to enzyme characterization and applications

E. Uzan, P. Nousiainen, V. Balland, J. Sipilä, F. Piumi, D. Navarro, M. Asther, E. Record, A. Lomascolo 2010 Journal of Applied Microbiology

Synthesis and antioxidant activity of hydroxycinnamic acid xylan esters

Pauli Wrigstedt, Petri Kylli, Leena Pitkänen, Paula Nousiainen, Maija Tenkanen, Jussi Sipilä 2010 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Syringyl-type simple plant phenolics as mediating oxidants in laccase catalyzed degradation of lignocellulosic materials

Paula Nousiainen, Pekka Maijala, Annele Hatakka, Angel T. Martínez, Jussi Sipilä 2009 Holzforschung

p-Hydroxycinnamic acids as natural mediators for laccase oxidation of recalcitrant compounds

S. Camarero, A.I. Cañas, P. Nousiainen, E. Record, A. Lomascolo, María Jesús Martínez, Á.T. Martínez 2008 Environmental Science and Technology

Laccase-mediated wood surface functionalization

T. Kudanga, E.N. Prasetyo, J. Sipilä, P. Nousiainen, P. Widsten, A. Kandelbauer, G.S. Nyanhongo, G. Guebitz 2008 Engineering in Life Sciences

Antioxidant potential of hydroxycinnamic acid glycoside esters

Petri Kylli, Paula Nousiainen, Peter Biely, Jussi Sipilä, Maija Tenkanen, Marina Heinonen 2008 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Modeling of the Kinetics of Alkali Fusion

Juha Lehtonen, Tapio Salmi, Antti Vuori, Heikki Haario, Paula Nousiainen 1995 Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research