Leni Grünbaum

Leni Grünbaum

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
E706 Dept. Management Studies

Leni's research revolves around relationality, sociomateriality and affect. They constitute the point of departure for her research on collective leadership, understood as an ongoing process of producing direction and cof reating spaces for co-action; affective attunement as an avenue to response-ability in research fieldwork; communitas or spontaneous experiences of togetherness in crafted liminal spaces. Her other research interests include sensory-embodied activities and artistic practices in the context of business schools, managerial education and training, and with organizational groups; and playback theatre, a non-scripted form of improvisation where the audience's stories are shared and staged.

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collective leadership, embodiment, affect, relationality, sociomateriality, 512 Business and management


Becoming response-able together in research fieldwork

Leni Grünbaum, Alice Wickström 2024 Ethics of Engagement in Research Practices: Response-ability in Organization and Management

Interspace for empathy

Ana Paula Lafaire, Ari Kuismin, Johanna Moisander, Leni Grünbaum 2022