Pauli Lehto

Staff Scientist
Staff Scientist
T212 Mechanical Engineering
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  • Marine and Arctic Technology, Staff Scientist


Critical distance-based fatigue life evaluation of blunt notch details in steel bridges

Rui Hao, Pauli Lehto, Weiwei Lin 2023 Journal of Constructional Steel Research

Fatigue damage process of additively manufactured 316 L steel using X-ray computed tomography imaging

Jairan Nafar Dastgerdi, Omid Jaberi, Heikki Remes, Pauli Lehto, Hossein Hosseini Toudeshky, Jukka Kuva 2023 Additive Manufacturing

Local weld geometry-based characterization of fatigue strength in laser-MAG hybrid welded joints

Abinab Niraula, Heikki Remes, Pauli Lehto 2023 Welding in the World

Influence of microstructural deformation mechanisms and shear strain localisations on small fatigue crack growth in ferritic stainless steel

Pasquale Gallo, Pauli Lehto, Evgenii Malitckii, Heikki Remes 2022 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FATIGUE

Mechanical properties of pulsed electric current sintered CrFeNiMn equiatomic alloy

Joonas Lehtonen, Pauli Lehto, Yanling Ge, Aapo Juselius, Simo-Pekka Hannula 2022 Materials Science and Engineering A

Experimental Investigations on Stiffened and Web-core Sandwich Panels Made for Steel under Quasi-Static Penetration

Jani Romanoff, Mihkel Korgesaar, Pauli Lehto, Kennie Berntsson, Heikki Remes 2022 4TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY (ICSI 2021)

Characterization of Microstructurally Small Fatigue Crack Behavior

Evgenii Malitckii, Heikki Remes, Pauli Lehto, Sven Bossuyt 2020 ICTAEM 2020 : Proceedings of ghe Third International Conference on Theoretical, Applied and Experimental Mechanics

Numerical modelling approach for considering effects of surface integrity on micro-crack formation

J. Nafar Dastgerdi, F. Sheibanian, H. Remes, P. Lehto, H. Hosseini Toudeshky 2020 Journal of Constructional Steel Research