WAVES RISING | Exhibition

Materialising projections of rising sea levels 
Sea Waves with event dates and name

WAVES RISING is a sculptural installation that conceptually materialises projections of rising sea levels as a consequence of climate change. Photographic surface, sound and light form an installation body defined by materiality; undulating paper-thin waves spanning several meters in both length and height. The piece is supported by an animated infographic based on recorded data of changes in global mean sea level from the past century. The work informs and invites a dialogue on our relationship with the environment, and the future of our seas. 

Sea levels are rising largely due to human-induced global warming. As greenhouse gas emissions increase, water temperatures rise causing thermal expansion of seawater and the melting of bodies of ice which drive rising sea levels. Since 1916, the global mean sea level has risen by around 0,2m. In a high emission scenario, sea levels are projected to rise up to nearly a metre by the end of the century, and up to several metres by the end of the next two. This would have a disastrous impact on shorelines and coastal human settlements, especially during storms when sea levels rise additionally and flood coastal areas. For marine cities like Helsinki, this unpredictability poses a future threat. 







By Aalto MA Visual Communication Design students:

Ayano Honda, Fanni Perälä, Olena Mohylna, Sabina Friman 

Mentored by Päivi Häikiö 

Special thanks to:

Aalto University

City of Helsinki 

Niklas Simonsen, sound design

Emilie Rigaud, typeface Naoko AA

Helsinki City Hall Lobby, Sofiankatu 1 / Mon – Fri 8-18 / Sat – Sun closed

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