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Explorable Information Spaces. Designing Entity Affordances for Fluid Information Exploration

MA Khalil Klouche esittää tarkastettavaksi väitöskirjansa “Explorable Information Spaces. Designing Entity Affordances for Fluid Information Exploration” torstaina 5.12.2019

Vastaväittäjä: professor. Andruid Kerne, Texas A&M University

Kustos: professori Lily Díaz-Kommonen, Aalto-yliopisto, Median laitos


Current search engines offer an incredibly convenient support for simple search tasks tasks, answering most questions in a few milliseconds. However, the lack of support for more complex search tasks contributes to maintaining users in a passive consumer role instead of rewarding active informational behavior.

This research explores interactive techniques designed to overcome limitations of current conventional search tools, providing better support for a wider range of information seeking behaviors, including exploratory search, serendipity and orientation. This goal is summarized as explorability, which I define as the quality of physical space that enables humans to become acquainted with it through movement and exploration. 

An explorable information space implies new behaviors regarding information practices: choosing a direction instead of formulating queries; meaningful overviews instead of narrow looks; persistent spaces allowing growing familiarity, sense-making and collaboration, instead of quick disposable search sessions. To that end, I demarcate three properties of explorability, i.e., direction, orientation and continuity, which I use as design drivers in the development of various prototypes and user experiments. 

The research process has yielded eight publications, including seven design cases with user experiments, and a position paper. The summarized work consists of an extensive design exploration of the topic at hand, and proposes a variety of interaction techniques that have shown to support information exploration, and together demarcate an alternative paradigm for future information practices.


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