Time Out! Rethinking Construction -näyttelyn avajaiset

Tervetuloa Aalto-yliopiston näyttelyn avajaisiin, joka on osana Euroopan komission järjestämää the New European Bauhaus -festivaalia Brysselissä.
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Time Out! Rethinking construction 

The construction industry consumes half of all raw materials extracted annually by humanity. At Aalto University, we’re calling time out! This exhibition highlights solutions that could help keep the built environment within planetary boundaries.

10 April 2024 Programme 17:00

Exhibition opening at the Museum of Art & History, Parc du Cinquantenaire 

Welcome remarks: Hannu Seristö, Associate Vice President, Aalto University, Finland 

Opening words: Ruth Reichstein, Policy Coordinator, President von der Leyen's cabinet

Research insights: Matti Kuittinen, Associate Professor of Sustainable Construction, Aalto University, Finland 

We’re inviting policy makers, construction companies, architects, designers, engineers, material manufacturers and everyone living in the built environment to rethink our entire approach to construction! 

The exhibition will be open until Saturday 13 April, 2024.

Time out! Rethinking construction


For further information, please contact:

Enni Äijälä
+358 50 359 4810
Senior specialist, outreach with partners

Aalto University is a partner in EU commission’s New European Bauhaus initiative – we are part of the next NEB festival at Brussels 9.-13.4.2024

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Time Out! Rethinking Construction (ulkoinen linkki)

Learn in the virtual exhibition how the construction sector is affecting climate, ecosystems, humans, and non-humans.

The Festival of the New European Bauhaus

Programme from Finland at the Festival of New European Bauhaus (ulkoinen linkki)

NEB Festival and Prizes 2024 Ceremony returns after a two-year break 9.-13.4.2024 in Brussels.

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