Staging (in) Nature -valokuvanäyttely

Näyttely Dipolin galleriassa 5-29.3.2019. Aalto-yliopistossa opiskelleita valokuvaajia: Jaakko Kahilaniemi, Otto-Ville Väätäinen, Petri Juntunen ja Kerttu Malinen sekä Taideyliopiston Annu Timonen.
Dipoli Gallery Exhibition 5-29.3.2019

Staging (in) Nature

Exhibition in Dipoli Gallery 5-29.3.2019

Welcome to the exhibition opening Tue 5.3.2019 4-6pm 

The exhibition features a selection of photographic and moving imageworks by recent photography MA graduates from Aalto University: Jaakko Kahilaniemi, Otto-Ville Väätäinen, Petri Juntunen, Kerttu Malinen; and Annu Timonen from the University of the Arts Helsinki.

A myriad of captured and constructed scenes in nature assembles new forms of engagements with the actual world. This exhibition provides a space of experience and invites us to reimagine entanglements between humans and nature. The exhibition engages with the concealment and isolation of nature in the production of evocative images. In this way, it highlights tensions between capturing or composing depictions of nature, from the reassuringly serene and mundane to the post-apocalyptic. Each artist uses a mastery of various, contemporary photographic methods in dealing with this task such as digital image manipulation, 3D scanning, photogrammetry, moving image and even new approaches to the tradition of landscape photography.

The impressive collusion between the artists’ powerful use of light and the narrative of ruptured time evokes emotional resonances in the space, bringing us to the frontier of the sublime. The longing for a moment so familiar, yet which has never come to pass, for a reality just beyond our lived experience but already established in our imagination. The staging of transformative change and loss in nature serves as a reminder of the passing of time and of uncertain futures.

(Bilge Hasdemir, Curator, Aalto University)

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