Special Seminar: Daniel Howe "Critical Software & Human Values"

Daniel Howe is a teacher at the School of Creative Media at City University Hong Kong.

Critical Software & Human Values

Daniel Howe
School of Creative Media at City University Hong Kong

Monday, 17 January at 10:30
via Zoom: request the link by email [email protected]

Abstract: How do algorithms embed specific human agendas, and how can we leverage this capability to create new software that better reflects core values of creativity, equality, sustainability, privacy, inclusion and diversity? In this talk I present a number of recent artworks and software projects that explore such questions in a range of interdisciplinary contexts, from games to natural language to artificial intelligence.

Bio: Daniel Howe is an artist and educator whose work blurs lines between contemporary art, science and activism to critically explore current computational technologies. Addressing pressing issues such as privacy, surveillance, disinformation and climate change, his output spans a range of media, including installations, artist books, sound recordings and software interventions. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from New York University and an MFA from Brown University. He currently lives in Hong Kong where he teaches at the School of Creative Media.

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