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Energy Modelling Series | Seminaari 3
Tämä luentosarja tarkastelee energiajärjestelmien mallintamista eri näkökulmista, teknisen mallintamisen, analyysin ja järjestelmien rakentamisen kautta.
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Energy Modelling Series | Seminaari 3

Elina Wanne | Espoon kaupunki
Nikita Semkin | AFRY

Tämä tapahtuma on kolmas Aalto Energy Platformin kuukausittaisista energian mallintamisen seminaarisarjan luennoista.

How can energy modelling drive the sustainable energy transition?

How can we create models of future energy systems that can be used by policymakers, industry and societal stakeholders? How can we best design modelling exercises to steer the sustainable energy transition?

This series aims to look at the different aspects of modelling for energy systems, through technical modelling, analysis, and building of systems. The seminars will bring together guest speakers from industry with Aalto researchers to tackle these questions.  Each event in the series will treat a discrete field of modelling.

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