Seminaari: CKIR Workshop 2018 - The Future of the hyper-connected world

Welcome to our 14th annual CKIR workshop to vision what life in the hyper-connected world would look like when Finland turns 150 years in 2067.

In today’s hyper-connected world, the technological, economic and societal developments are un-reversible intertwined. Digitalization and advanced technologies disrupt prevailing industry structures, service delivery methods and economic models. Further to their business and human capital impacts, advanced technologies have a profound impact on societal models. They influence the way we interact with each other, shape our values and norms in terms of acceptable social behaviors, and set our expectations for the rights and responsibilities that we as individuals, professionals and citizens hold in society. Technology enabled transparency has even challenged our expectations toward government in terms of policy and regulatory processes and decision-making.

We invite you to our 14th annual CKIR workshop to vision what life in the hyper-connected world would look like when Finland turns 150 years in 2067. What will be the currencies of exchange in data-driven economies? How will blockchain and virtual services change the patterns of consumption and service provisioning? And how will artificial intelligence help us build sustainable societies? These questions will be addressed with esteemed keynote speakers from public sector, industry and academia.


Registration and coffee

Opening words
Prof. Ingmar Björkman, Dean, Aalto University School of Business

Welcome and introduction
Dr. Petra Turkama, Director, CKIR, Aalto University School of Business

The future of business and policy interaction in Finland
Matti Apunen, Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA

Transforming data-driven societal paradigm in policy making
Taru Rastas, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland

Digital future –the Nordic model
Mikko Huuskonen Ministerial Counsellor, Chair of the Nordic thematic group on innovative and resilient regions

Megatrends and building futures
Marja Pirttivaara, Leading Specialist, Sitra

Disruptions in societal engagement
Johannes Nuutinen, Lead, International Markets, Demos Effect


Digital Future in Helsinki
Mikko Rusama, Chief Digital Officer, City of Helsinki

Cities as platforms for experimenting societal change
Jarmo Eskelinen, Executive Director, Data Driven Innovation Programme, the University or Edinburg

The future of public engagement and citizen expectations
Mikko Rask, Principal Investigator, University of Helsinki

Identity, agency and active citizenship for the future generations
Eeva Sinisalo-Juha, Senior Lecture in Community Education, Humak University of Applied Sciences
Arseniy Svynarenko, Sociologist and Youth Researcher, Finnish Youth Research Network

Discussion and reflection

Workshop close and networking

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