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Tervetuloa Sähkötekniikan korkeakoulun yhdeksänteen vuosittaiseen Tutkimuksen talvipäivään!

Tapahtuma järjestetään 6.2.2020 klo 14.00–18.00 osoitteessa Maarintie 8.


9th Annual Research Winter Day – Focusing on the success stories in Industry-University Cooperation

The Research Winter Day 2020 of the School of Electrical Engineering will take place on Wednesday February 6th at 14.00–18.00 at Maarintie 8, where food and drinks are served.

The event will start with keynotes by Liisa Åström (Vice President of Vaisala), Jyri Huopaniemi (Head of Technology Licensing at Nokia Technologies) and Varun Singh (CEO and Founder of Callstat.io) sharing their stories and views on cooperation with Aalto University and its influence on the development of the company.

After the keynote talks, you will have the opportunity to visit demo stands, where our experts will let you see, feel and hear the innovativeness of our research. Come and experience space in the VR world, hear a choir in 3D and learn about factories of the future. We will show you the latest innovations in health, space technology, communications engineering, and micro and nanotechnology.

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