NODUS TALKS The Diverse City

Aalto-yliopiston NODUS Sustainable Design -tutkimusryhmä tuo yhteen tutkijoita ja ammatinharjoittajia muotoiluun, innovaatioihin ja kestävyyteen liittyvien aiheiden äärelle NODUS TALKS -sarjassa. Esitysten jälkeen on paneelikeskustelu, molemmat englanniksi.
NODUS Talks The Diverse City

In this event, we will discuss how urban planning homogenizes cities, what impacts this has and what can be done about it.

Cities are losing their spontaneity and their authenticity is disappearing, it can be argued. Subsequently, many European cities witness a loss of local resilience. Urban planning serves as a device of social control regulating the (re)production of public space, thus facilitating elite domination in urban planning and their control of the societal resources, such as space, identity, power, and wealth. The unbalanced interplay of power between diverging stakeholders is steered by policy instruments that act as a form of power, legitimize the policy outcomes, define some stakeholders and ignore others.

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NODUS TALKS The Diverse City

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