Modelling for Energy Storage

This webinar looks at questions concerning modelling of electrical energy storage, such as the value of the storage and its functioning within energy systems.
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Behnam Zakeri | IIASA
Ilari Alaperä | Fortum 
Miikka Jokinen | Wärtsilä

The panelists will cover these issues concerning energy storage in different settings. Behnam Zakeri from IIASA will focus on residential scale, combining energy storage with solar photovoltaics. Ilari Alaperä from Fortum will cover the projection of revenue potential in Fortum’s EES project. Finally, Miikka Jokinen from Wärtsilä will cover the modelling of energy storage as part of hybrid power plants. 

This event should be of strong interest to those interested in modelling different applications of electrical energy storage, how to assess its value and functioning. Given the critical role of EES in future power systems, this event should also attract wider interest from those interested in delivering zero-carbon power systems.

This webinar is a crossover event between our Energy Modelling and Energy Storage series.

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Energy Modelling Seminar Series

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