MOA in Photography 2022 – MA-opinnäytetyönäyttely

MOA in Photography -näyttely kokoaa yhteen ideoita siitä, miten elämää ja yhteyttä voidaan tulkita uudelleen todellisuuksien, havaintotasojen sekä representaation, sukupuolen ja sosiaalisten suhteiden ongelmakohtien yli.
MOA in Photography

"Juxtaposing works by MA graduate students of Aalto University, using mediums of photography, moving image and site-specific installations, the artists knit a web interrelating inner emotional responses to and in construction with the world.

In critical reflection of our times, photography embodies a tool that unfolds in indefinite approaches — MOA in Photography exhibition assembles ideas on how to reinterpret life and connection across realities, across planes of perception, across problematics of representation, gender and social relationships.

A unique show is born out of playful interaction between the gallery space and artworks that model themselves into it as an aspect of rethinking forms of displaying art. While the individual fragments of the works transpire, there is also a narrative to be read in the joint assembly: one that does not shy away from pointing at old problems, that aspires to invent anew and asks for you to join in the endeavour."

Taiteilijat: Celine S Diaz, Iina Esko, Jasmine Färling, Jere Grönberg, Niina Pietarinen, Patrik Rastenberger, Shanna Warocquier, Sonya Mantere, Tuula Vehanen, Veera Nelimarkka, Venla Laksola, Venni Ahlberg.

Näyttelyä tukemassa Aalto-yliopisto, Finnfoto ja Artproof.

Näyttely on avoinna tiistaista sunnuntaihin klo 12-18.

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